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COVID-19 Vaccine Update - 11/05/2021*******************************************************

Who is eligible to be vaccinated?

Presently, all Arkansans (or those people employed in Arkansas) over the age of 12 are eligible for the vaccine.

Which vaccine are you distributing?

We provide the Pfizer vaccine.  This vaccine requires two doses, three weeks apart.

When are you scheduling COVID-19 Vaccination appointments?

While we are booking appointments via our online scheduler.  You can also call the store directly at 479-787-5966 to have a vaccination scheduled.

Are you vaccinating children under 12?

No.  We are only receiving adult doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

Are we able to put people on a "list"?

We have a "stand-by" list you can put your contact information on.  We do our best to carefully schedule our vaccine allocations so that none is wasted but in some instances of "no show" appointments we may be able to get you in.  Due to vaccine expiration, most cases will be short notice.  You can sign up here:

Can I just "show up" and hope there is an extra dose at the end of the day?

We aren't going to tell people not to come our store, but we are trying to vaccinate while serving our existing patients.  Therefore, we are asking that you not show up looking for an unscheduled vaccination.  We are contacting those already on our list for any appointments that don't show or extra doses at the end of the day.  

I'm scheduled for an appointment, does this mean I need to schedule for the second dose?
Yes!  We had been scheduling for second shots but due to the number of "no-show" appointments resulting from people getting the second dose elsewhere we had to stop scheduling both.  We are also depending on receiving vaccine from the State.  We aren't anticipating a problem with supply, based on the information we have been given, but they can no longer guarantee we will receive a second dose allocation.

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