COVID-19 Vaccine Update - 02/12/2021*******************************************************************

In light of the increasing probabilities for serious inclement weather conditions throughout the week we have made the decision to cancel ALL vaccine appointments for next week and reschedule them for the following week.

How did we arrive at this decision?

Safety was number one, period.  Some people are having to commute from rural locations or areas where the roads do not receive priority treatment. We are not comfortable asking people to commute during poor road conditions.


Why can’t we go ahead and get vaccinated if we want to try to make it in?

This is a prime example of the logistical difficulties involved with the vaccine. 


We pick up our allotted number of vaccination vials on Sunday afternoon from cold storage.  Once in our care, the vaccine is only good for 5 days.  This means that any unused vaccine will expire on Friday afternoon. 

Complicating matters, the vaccine comes in vials that must be mixed, to which we only 6 doses out of.  This vial must sit out for 30 minutes prior to mixing.  Once mixed, we only have a few hours to distribute the vaccine to a recipient.  Hence the whole reason of scheduling 6 person groups at a time.  It provides us little flexibility in scheduling accommodations.

When will my new appointment be?

It will be the same day and time as your appointment would be next week…just delayed a week. 

  • If you had an Monday appointment (2/15/2021) your new appointment will be Monday 2/22/2021

  • If you had an Tuesday appointment (2/16/2021) your new appointment will be Tuesday 2/23/2021

  • If you had an Thursday appointment (2/18/2021) your new appointment will be Thursday 2/25/2021

  • If you had an Friday appointment (2/19/2021) your new appointment will be Friday 2/26/2021


The time of your appointment will not change…


For example, if you have an appointment scheduled for Monday, February 15th at 7:30 AM, your new appointment will be Monday, February 22nd at 7:30AM.

I know that some reading this will be upset and concerned with our decision in this regard.  That is by no means my intention and we apologize for the frustration.  The distribution process of this vaccine is problematic at best but the weather is a variable forcing us to make these difficult decisions.  Our number one priority was attempting to ensure your safety, as well as ensuring utilization of the doses allocated.

You may have already received a phone call from our staff today if your appointment was scheduled for Monday.  Otherwise, you will most likely get a phone call first part of next week in an attempt to provide clear communication.

COVID-19 Vaccine Update - 01/19/2021*******************************************************************

As we navigate this dynamic situation, we are trying to provide ways of giving out information when we can. 
Here are some  of the common questions we received:  

Who is eligible to be vaccinated?

People who are in Phase 1-B, that are residents of Benton County, Arkansas.  This phase consists of people 70+ years of age or older, teachers and school staff, child care and higher education workers.  For more information on the phases and Arkansas vaccination plan please refer to the Arkansas Department of Health Website:

When are you scheduling COVID-19 Vaccination appointments?

At this point, we aren't scheduling additional appointments.  We had released an online scheduler to book appointments, but it was on short notice.  Within an extremely short period we were completely booked with appointments through most of February.  We are doing our best to work through what we have.  

Are we able to put people on a "wait list"?

No. We are presently unable to accommodate additional requests for "wait lists".   Once the governor expanded to Phase 1-B, we have been completely overrun with requests.  It seems that everyone is trying to get their name on a waiting list for the vaccine and tracking/fulfilling it has become unrealistic.

When are you planning on opening scheduling again?

We can't answer that right now but it won't be for some time.  As mentioned, we are currently booked for appointments through the last week of February.  While we are addressing what we have and will be working on our plan, are are also hoping more pharmacies are dispensing the vaccine at that later date.

Can I just "show up" and hope there is an extra dose at the end of the day?

We aren't going to tell people not to come our store, but we are trying to maintain social distancing rules while vaccinating and serving our existing patients.  Therefore, we are asking that you not show up looking for an unscheduled vaccination.  We are contacting those already on our wait list for any appointments that don't show or extra doses at the end of the day.  

I'm scheduled for an appointment, does this mean I need to schedule for the second dose?
No.  If you are scheduled already you have a spot reserved for your second vaccination.  Being said, we are depending on receiving vaccine from the State.  We aren't anticipating a problem with supply, based on the information we have been given though.

I tried contacting Teasley Drug, why have I not received a Email, call, or message back?

We can't apologize enough for this.  Customer service is what we pride ourselves on and taking care of our patients.  Being said, we simply don't have the ability to respond to the monstrous number of requests we have been sent.  We are handling what we can, when we can, for who we can but given the demand we most likely won't be able to meet your expectations.

I think I have an appointment...but how do I know?

Unfortunately, we didn't have much time to roll the scheduler out (less than 24 hours), so we weren't able to really get our process set up properly.  We sent out a special Email late on January 14th to those that had an appointment and will send a reminder Emails 24 hours before your scheduled vaccination.  If you did not (or do not) receive an Email then you do not have an appointment.  In these instances, people thought they were signing up for an appointment but it was a waitlist instead.  

Why is this such a mess?  

It's a mess for a number of reasons, but much of it is primarily attributable to the situation.  There are a lot of people who desperately want the vaccine now and there are limited resources to distribute it.  We get it.  Its frustrating for us also, we don't like letting people down.  Please be patient with our staff as they are doing their best to help.  We're all doing our best in this situation but please don't be rude with them.

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